Wholesome-Holistic-Green Superbook 10 Books About Natural Living Pdf

Wholesome-Holistic-Green Superbook 10 Books About Natural Living Pdf
E-Book Review and Description:

The ten books to a simpler, more wholesome, holistic life are as follows:

Book 1. A Good Life (Know Your True Nature, Try to be Inspired All the Time)
Book 2. Green Life Guide (Natural Products, Renewable Energy, Car Energy)
Book 3. Your Health, Earth Health (People Get Sick & Die from Chemicals)
Book 4. Agriculture-Garden Guide (Gardening, Agriculture Industry)
Book 5. Health Food Guide (Juicing, Sprouts, Vitamins, Healing Salts, Bee Foods)
Book 6. Bad Food Guide (Caffeine, MSG, GMOs, Sugar, Fat, Allergies)
Book 7. Holistic Health Guide (Alternative Medicine, Healing Yourself)
Book 8. Natural Medicine Guide (Homeo-Naturopathy, Home Remedies, Water Therapy, Christian Medicine)
Book 9. Outdoor-Green Job Guide
Book 10. Change the World: We, The People, Unite to Create True Democracy Over the Internet

I read David Suzuki's Green Guide and several other books you might find at #363.7 or #640 at the library. There is a great divide between people who care about green living and all the other people who seem indoctrinated by all the glitter on TV which tells you to keep buying junk you don’t need and keep doing meaningless stuff even if we’re polluting the planet and destroying the atmosphere.

I have two power cords, one for my computer and one for the devices near my bed. When I finish using each, I shut the power cord off to totally shut all that electricity off. Meanwhile I have relatives who leave their wireless modems on all the time 24/7.

When Ronald Reagan took the American Presidency in 1980, he arrogantly tore the solar panels off the roof of the White House which former President Jimmy Carter put up. If people had real sense, they would have listened to Jimmy Carter.

Today, every house in America could have been producing its own electricity with a few solar panels and a domestic wind generator but most of us are massively brainwashed to go the way of big oil which is excessive consumption.

Capitalism makes a lot of money for a lot of people but destroys a lot of lives not just from the deleterious effects of burning oil but also from the psycho-spiritual damaged lives of the many people who fall for material excess as the key to happiness which ends up destroying their lives.

I don't believe in a bunch of radical activists going off to create their own utopia like Galt's Gulch in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged because that doesn't solve the problem of planetary excessive consumption of finite resources and I don’t think it’s possible anyway because everybody is really a loner who wants their own pad and their own set-up the way they like it. Communal living always breaks down unless everybody has their own house.

There are big ecological disasters that could destroy our atmosphere. Nobody really knows.

For me, it’s healthier and spiritually peaceful to pursue a minimalist materialistic life where I don’t use much stuff and when I do, I try to go green as much as I can.

Writing this book gives me meaning and maybe I help a few people along the way see that excessive consumption beyond the level of basic comfort could be the most evil and destructive force on the planet.

Volume 1. Green Life Basics

Chapter 1. The Green Lifestyle

The Real Motive is a Wholesome, Meaningful Life

I grew up watching The Waltons, Andy Griffith, Green Acres and other shows that had a sense of community.

An eco-village is partially about building green houses and stuff and partially about a sense of community like Galt's Gulch in Ann Rand's Atlas Shrugged. When you think about it, it's what most wise people want, a mythical community where they can trust people to have basic standards of decency and civility.

In the city, I don't know if the guy walking down the street wants to rob me or kill me. In a small town, I get to know the neighbor because I eat a meal at the church supper with him and we help each other with small tasks.

I want a live a simple, rural, healthy, who

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