Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica: The Man Behind the Legend Pdf

Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica: The Man Behind the Legend Pdf
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“A visionary and a madman” was how one British statesman, Lord Carteret, described Theodore von Neuhoff. This thrilling biography, Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica: The Man behind the Legend by Julia Gasper, traces the unlikely career of the German baron who in 1736 had himself topped the King of Corsica. Theodore von Neuhoff’s career spanned the entire European continent and his place in the Corsican rebellion in the direction of Genoa was as daring and unconventional as each little factor else in his life. Mixing with royalty, rogues and rabble, he was successively a soldier, spy, Jacobite, speculator, alchemist, cabbalist, Rosicrucian, astrologer, fraudster, and spy. He had modified his determine a quantity of events, kidnapped a nun and seen the inside of a quantity of prisons sooner than turning his hand to revolution. Neuhoff had daring far-sighted ideas about religious tolerance and the abolition of slavery that turned the Corsican revolt into an enormous political event with repercussions means previous the shores of one small island. Denounced as an arch-authorized, traitor and seditious heretic, he survived pursuit by the brokers of the Genoese Republic for twenty years with a value on his head, dodging assassination makes an try whereas meeting quite a few properly-recognized and fascinating people. Priceless to the British as a political device in the direction of the French, he spent his earlier age in relative comfort in an English debtors’ jail. Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica argues that regardless of all his eccentricity Neuhoff was nonetheless an enormous Enlightenment decide.

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