The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology (Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics) Pdf

The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology (Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics) Pdf
E-Book Review and Description:

This handbook presents the primary systematic account of corpus phonology – the employment of corpora, particularly function-constructed phonological corpora of spoken language, for learning audio system' and listeners' acquisition and information of the sound system of their native languages and the rules underlying these methods. The subject combines strategies and theoretical approaches from phonology, each diachronic and synchronic, phonetics, corpus linguistics, speech technology, info
technology and pc science, arithmetic and statistics.

The book is split into 4 elements: the primary seems to be on the design, compilation, and use of phonological corpora, whereas the second seems at particular purposes, together with examples from French and Norwegian phonology, youngster phonological improvement, and second language acquisition. Half three seems to be on the tools and strategies used, comparable to Praat and EXMARaLDA, and the ultimate half examines a quantity of at present obtainable phonological corpora in numerous languages, together with LANCHART, LeaP, and IViE. It
will attraction not solely to these working with phonological corpora, but in addition to researchers and college students of phonology and phonetics extra usually, in addition to to all these in language variation, dialectology, first and second language acquisition, and sociolinguistics.

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