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The Oracle of Colombo: How Arthur C . Clarke Revealed the Future Pdf

Download The Oracle of Colombo: How Arthur C . Clarke Revealed the Future Pdf
Book Description:

One of the pivotal minds of the twentieth century was none aside from Sir Arthur C. Clarke. No different forecaster of the future even comes shut. This newly launched book from the Arthur C. Clarke Basis, entitled The Oracle of Colombo and written by Dr. Joseph N. Pelton and elegantly edited by Peter Marshall, offers a considerate, pleasant and sometimes wry romp by means of Clarke’s extraordinary vary of predictions. The listing of correct and compelling forecasts is actually thoughts-boggling. Right here we discover superb predictions about communications, navigation and climate satellites, new varieties of “inexperienced” power techniques, new ideas in transportation, synthetic intelligence, “sensible” robots, “driverless” automobiles, e-commerce, the Web, DNA testing, Challenge Safeguard to guard our planet … and the beat goes on and on.
For the critical futurologist, Pelton has offered a readable, nicely documented and compelling information to Clarke’s many predictions, innovations, and even conceptions but to be realized. These tables are neatly stowed in the appendices at the again, however those that want to discover Arthur’s many “profiles of the future” ought to simply sit again and skim Oracle from cowl to cowl. That is really a nicely-crafted presentation of over 100 of his many fantastic forecasts and “Clarkian inspirations”. Chapters to not be missed embrace: “When Clarke Obtained It Fallacious” and “Why Arthur Clarke is Nonetheless Related.” Get your copy right now. Proceeds go the admirable work of the Clarke Basis’s many instructional packages.

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