Make Money by Helping Others Pdf

Make Money by Helping Others Pdf
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I see what’s going on in the world. I know what’s really going on but I can’t say it because I don’t have proof and people would call me a conspiracy nut. Bankers and others are trying to trash the once high and mighty industrialized countries because it will be easier to persuade humanity to centralized rule by one world government when there are less people and most of them are desperate. Lots of people are going through hard times. I’ve read comment boards on job and self-employment websites.

I’m all about ideas. I’ve gathered as many as any human being has ever done right here about making money, working for yourself, starting a business. I have lists of food banks and homeless shelters in my money book but it’s not that desperate yet. I have a created a blueprint for a better world at and at the end of this book. Until the people unite to change the government, we’re all gonna be a bunch of loners, most of us constantly obsessed with making money one way or another.

The nine books about ideas to make money are as follows:

Book 1. Create a Money-Making Idea or Use the 2000+ Ideas Here
Book 2. Home Business-Biz Ops Guide
Book 3. Internet Sales Guide
Book 4. Odd Jobs Guide/ Offbeat Business Ideas Guide
Book 5. Real Estate Job-Business Guide
Book 6. Inventor Guide (Create a Product, Protect It, Sell It)
Book 7. Artist-Craftsperson Business-Jobs Guide
Book 8. Franchise Guide
Book 9. Photography Business-Jobs Guide

There are swap meets and flea markets all over the country where people buy and sell objects. Most mid-size cities have a flea market once a week where any vendor can set up a table for $10 to $20. Find your niche and do it.

The market for handmade crafts is higher than it ever was. Maybe you like to make quilts or candles or decoupage plaques.

Rummage sales are great ways to change unused items into money and it's easy. You need little time and effort and make pure profit.

Perhaps you have church bazaars, school fairs or crafts shows that occur seasonally in your area. Fall and Spring festivals are great places to sell everything from handmade dolls to recycled lawn mowers.

Maybe you know how to repair simple motor-driven tools or can refurbish battered furniture.

Buy a beat up old pick-up truck and offer your services for $20 an hour plus gas for anything over five miles. Clean out basements and yards and sell their throwaways at flea markets.

Get certified as a home caregiver (nurse's aide) by taking a program at a local community college. Afterwards, you can become home caregiver and live with an elderly person at their home.

Welding and auto mechanics are good businesses especially if you offer to be a mobile mechanic and fix people's cars when they break down or at their houses.

Rent out bicycles and roller skates to campers at campgrounds or other popular spots like a park for an afternoon. Contact a bike/ skateboard shop about going into business with you. Get a disclaimer on your contract saying that you are not responsible for injuries caused on your rental products otherwise liability insurance will be sky high.

It's best to do the following business with a charity group sponsor like scouts or a church group. Go to 40 businesses. Ask them to honor discount cards you'll be selling for $5 each which entitle holders to a 10-15% discount at each of the businesses listed for a year. It's good advertising for them.

A relatively new profession is a Relocation Consultant where you help people move, sell their homes, put them in touch with real estate agents, get maps, school addresses, etc.

You could take an auctioneer course then find a hall and advertise an auction where you get a 20% commission of everything you sell.

Get a job with a printer for awhile, learn the business then start your own either in a small town or near a college campus. There is a scarcity of printing businesses in small town America.


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