Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them Pdf

Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them Pdf
E-Book Review and Description:

For educators, young adults, college students and career changers, this unique book profiles 10 career paths to becoming an environmental entrepreneur; it’s rich with resources. This is the first book showcasing Latino-led innovation and entrepreneurship in the green economy, through the personal and professional journeys of those getting it done today. These ten case studies across ten sectors of our economy will inspire eco-minded, potential entrepreneurs to follow these successful footsteps and emulate these highly educated, courageous Latino leaders creating sustainable, industrial and social justice solutions to benefit all Americans. Many endorsements available at Latinnovating DOT com endorsements tab; here’s a few from the environmental, business and educational communities:

"Latinnovating provides rich insight into the exciting possibilities and opportunities that exist within the green economy. Graciela does an outstanding job of chronicling how Latino entrepreneurs are positioning themselves today as leaders across different industries. These stories of success and sustainability will inspire readers and serve as a valuable tool for all those working to build a cleaner, greener future."
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Chief Executive Officer of Green For All

“Latinnovating gives an inspiring look into how Latinos across the country are transforming the business world to be more friendly to our environment and long-term sustainability. This book is a valuable read for business owners, activists, and young people looking to join the growing green economy.”
Adrianna Quintero, Director of Latino Outreach, Natural Resources Defense Council

"This book has the potential to change the conversation about Latinos in America. One part of our story – as immigrants – is well-known and prevalent throughout the mainstream media. Another part of our story – as active contributors to the nation's growing green economy – is less recognized. Latinnovating addresses this imbalance by telling the stories of entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners who are helping to shape the green economy. Taken together, the true complexity of Latinos in America can begin to be understood."
Carolina Miranda, MBA in Sustainable Enterprise and Founder, Cultivating Capital LLC

“Graciela highlights incredible success stories of Latino leaders creating business opportunities in the green economy. These stories are a true source for inspiration for young people and for professionals in transition. As Hispanic-owned businesses play an increasingly important role as engines driving economic recovery, Latinnovating shows how this community is also making a difference towards a better planet. Given the international connections that Hispanic businesses have, they are the latent force that can transform how business is done in the Americas to improve the quality of the environment on a large scale. This book is a must-read for any business wanting to take advantage of green opportunities and for those looking for green entry points.”
Magda Cardenas, Director of Marketing and Communications, Greater Washington D.C. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“In the midst of a landscape of public opinion that is saturated with weeds—that is, negative stereotypes about Hispanics, this book offers instead radiant flowers: the positive, creative, brilliant and extraordinary contributions that Latinos are making for the improvement of our society as a whole. The innovative entrepreneurs featured in Latinnovating are role models for all: Latinos and non-Latinos, young and old.
Dr. Federico Subervi, Professor & Director, Center for the Study of Latino Media & Markets, Texas State University—San Marcos

"These powerful stories will make a huge impact on many Latinos who today are in the same situation these leaders once were. As educators we need to share these unique and important stories with the young people we serve."
Héctor M. González, College/Career Coach, Chicago

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